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Bambo Nature USA

Shore Buddies

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At Bambo Nature, we pride ourselves on our commitment to producing sustainably manufactured products. Everyone talks about “green this” and “green that,” but we have made it our mission to walk the talk. That being said, we have teamed up with Shore Buddies because they are also deeply committed to helping keep our environment clean for generations to come.

We have paired this partnership with a donation feature in which we will donate $3 of your Shore Buddy purchase to a charity of choice. We have selected some non profit organizations that we currently support and recommend, but you can select your own organization from the search bar that is near and dear to your heart. This initiative is to ensure that we continue to support the local causes that mean the most to us, and you!

  • SUPPORT THE SHORE BUDDIES MISSION - We strive to save marine life by educating our youth on the dangers of plastics for Marine Life and keeping plastics out of our Oceans
  • MADE FROM 6 RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES - First the bottles are shredded, cleaned, melted. Then, they are spun into a custom fabric yarn to make our Shore Buddies stuffed animals
  • PLAYS AUTHENTIC TURTLE/DOLPHIN/SEAGULL SOUND WHEN PRESSED - Sound effect recorded by a professional marine biologist scientist for a truly authentic experience.

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