Bambo Nature Products

What are the key features of your diaper products?

Dream Diapers
Flexible Design with Leakage Prevention
Fully Breathable Backsheet Made with TCF Fluff Pulp
Wetness Indicator
Guaranteed Skin Safe

Overnight Diapers
• Unique Channel Technology for Max Absorbency
• Fully Breathable Backsheet Made with TCF Fluff Pulp
• Wetness Indicator
• Guaranteed Skin Safe

Dream Training Pants
• Thinner Design
• Fully Breathable Backsheet Made with TCF Fluff Pulp
• Top Dry Acquisition Layer
• Guaranteed Skin Safe

Dreamy Night Pants
• Discreet Design Made to Look Like Real Underwear
• Ultra absorbent and fully breathable
• Guaranteed Skin Safe
• Incredibly Comfortable and Snug Fit

What is the difference between the Dream Collection and the Overnight Collection?

• Our recommendation is to use the Dream diaper during the day, and supplement with the Overnight diaper in the evenings. That being said, both the Dream diaper and Overnight diaper can be worn at any time during the day or night, it all depends on your preference and which type of diaper best suits your baby’s bum.
• The Dream Diaper line is designed with ultimate flexibility and comfort in mind. A wetness indicator changes color to indicate when a change is needed and our flexible, waistband and latex-free leg cuffs help diapers stay in place while maximizing movement so your child can boot, scoot and boogie all day long.
• The Bambo Nature Overnight Diaper is specifically designed with unique 3 channel technology and enhanced leakage barriers. As baby’s bowels move throughout the night, the liquids will disperse into the channels that will absorb evenly and keep your baby dry longer. Ultimately, the channel technology and leakage barriers work together to hold the urine and ensure that everything stays in place despite movement and activity level during sleep.
• All babies have a different change schedule! We recommend talking to your pediatrician if you need additional information on how often to change your baby’s diaper.

How long does the overnight diaper protection last?

The overnight diaper is designed to provide up to 12 hours of overnight protection. That being said, each baby’s bowels are different! We cannot guarantee the number of hours a diaper will last because each baby urinates at different amounts and frequencies. Your child may need a change depending on the length of the sleep cycle combined with how heavy they urinate.

What is the size chart for your diapers and training pants?

We are happy you asked! Picking out the right size diaper or training pant can be challenging. Please see each of our different products' size chart on their individual product page.

How do I know which size diapers to use on my child?

• We acknowledge that sizing may be a bit tricky. Size is crucial as a diaper needs to fit to do the work it is intended for and size has a lot to do with the fit. Most sizing charts rely on weight, but we are aware that no two babies are alike. We have been perfecting our diapers for over 40 years, using feedback from hundreds of parents.
• Children grow really fast, so you need to evaluate the diaper size regularly. If the size is too small, it will not be able to absorb enough, and you will probably experience leakages. It might also be uncomfortable for your child, as the diaper will be too tight around their waist, belly and thighs. On the other hand, if the diaper is too large, you will almost be guaranteed to end up with leakages, as the diaper will not provide a tight and snug fit.
• As it relates to Bambo Nature weight-related sizing, if your child falls between two sizes consider the smaller size if the child has a long and lean stature, and the larger size if the child is shorter and more stout in shape.

What are the key features of your skin care products?

• Designed with Sensitive Skin and Scalps in Mind
• Guaranteed Skin Safe
• Fragrance, Dye and Paraben Free
• 100% Vegan and Hypoallergenic

What is the difference between Tidy Bottom Wipes and the Biodegradable Wipes?

• Two great wipes both with supernatural performance! Both of our diapers are a reliable cleaning solution free of perfumes, parabens, dyes, and optical brighteners. Both wipe options are hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, vegan and dermatologist approved. 
• So what is the main difference? The only difference is that our Biodegradable wipes are made from 100% viscose derived from trees and are 100% biodegradable. Whereas the Tidy Bottom wipes are made from soft, non-woven materials.

How do Dreamy Night Pants differ from the Dream Training Pants?

The Bambo Dreamy Night Pants are for older children who are experiencing a delay in potty training, and have trouble wetting the bed at night. They are designed to be discreet, so that your older child can feel comfortable changing into the Dreamy Night Pant if they are at a sleepover or at grandma’s house.
The Dream Training Pants are for the potty training stage for Toddlers! Easy to pull up and down, our Dream Training Pants gives your little one the courage that they can “do it themselves” without compromising a comfortable and snug fit. 

What does it mean to be Dermatologist Approved?

When we ensure that our products are Dermatologically Tested and Approved, this means that we have enlisted a third party to conduct the necessary tests to examine the skin’s tolerance to a specific cosmetic product. What does this entail, exactly? The testing is done according to the guidelines from Cosmetics Europe in a controlled independent test center by a licensed dermatologist. The dermatologist performs what is known as “patch testing”—placing a small amount of product on an area of the skin and putting a band-aid over it, and then removing the band-aid after 48 hours to see if the skin has had a reaction. The patch test is conducted on at least 50 volunteers (and never animals!) with different ages and skin types to be sure we are testing as many skin variables as possible—normal, sensitive, eczema, etc.! The product is then classified as harmless if none of the volunteers have a negative reaction. Of course, it is impossible to capture and test ALL the different skin types the world has to offer, so there is a slight chance one or several ingredients may cause a reaction.

Where can I find a complete list of ingredients in your products?

All products’ ingredients can be found on their specific product page!

What does it mean to be sustainably made?

At Bambo Nature, we voluntarily undergo strict, rigorous, third-party environmental inspections of our products that assess the environmental impact of the entire life cycle—all the way from raw material to production, consumption and waste.

Raw Materials
• The wood used for pulp is derived from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted than felled. Stora Enso, wood pulp supplier of Abena, is a member of the Clean Shipping Project
• There is no chlorine used or added in our manufacturing process
• No chemicals or compounds from SVHC (REACH Article 33[2]) are added or used during production – Substances of Very High Concern
• No known substances that are harmful to health or the environment are used or added during production (Phthalates, Organotins [MBT, DBT, TBT], heavy metals, Chlorine (CI), Formaldehyde (HCHO) Colophonium, AZO pigments, PVC.) Abena has gone as far as to prevent use of any chemical or compound that is known as locally irritating or sensitizing

• Abena requires a reduction in energy consumption. Bambo Nature Disposable Baby Diapers are manufactured on Abena’s newest and most efficient diaper machine powered by 100% wind energy.
• Abena adheres to requirements on resource consumption.
• There are no harmful chemicals used or added during production (no optical brighteners, no skincare lotions, no perfumes or essential oils, no odor eliminators)
• Abena recycles 95% of all waste from our production of baby diapers. Even powder and dust from the plant is filtered, collected and sold for further use

Packaging and Distribution
• Abena’s packaging and distribution focuses on reducing waste and the
use of fuels
• Products and packaging materials can be disposed of through recycling,
incineration or composting.

Where are your products manufactured?

Bambo Nature uses the finest facilities to manufacture our products. Our diapers and skincare products are produced in Denmark, while our training pants are manufactured in Greece and our wipes are manufactured in Sweden. 

What sets Bambo Nature products apart from competitors?

• We are happy you asked! Speaking from the heart and soul of who we are, Bambo Nature is a family owned and operated business, with many of our employees and founders having children of their own!! We know the level of excellence we expect in a baby product, and therefore we strive to manufacture and produce this level of excellence for all of our customers. With more than 35 years in production, we are a legacy brand you can trust. It is our mission and core value to make sure we are putting our best foot forward for you and your little ones. Happy and healthy skin starts with Bambo Nature, so you can #parentfearlessly.
• Logistically speaking, our products are created for parents who seek soft, comfortable, gentle, skin safe products for their children. Our products are free of all known harmful chemicals, allergens, parabens, and dyes. This is to ensure that you can avoid any allergic reaction, and trust that what you are putting on your baby’s gentle skin is actually safe. Our products do not contain any substances or chemicals that are harmful to health or the environment and all of our products have been dermatologist tested by the institute ProDERM (Institute for Applied Dermatological Research).

Has Bambo Nature done any product testing?

Bambo Nature products have been dermatologically tested and approved to ensure that they do not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. This, combined with the strict criteria one must adhere to in order to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel accreditation, means that you are getting the safest possible product for your child’s skin. Additionally, Bambo Nature has certifications with Ecocert Cosmos, EU Ecolabel, Forest Stewardship Council and Asthma Allergy Nordic. 

Are your products tested on animals?

Nope! We never have, and we never will.

Where do you sell Bambo Nature products?

We sell our products in our online shop, as well as in other major online retailers and boutique stores throughout the country. To buy in-store, visit our store locator.

Do you offer free samples?

We are thrilled that you want to try our amazing products! Please contact our customer service team using the Contact Us form and they will be happy to help! 


What is your shipping policy?

We offer Free Shipping on all U.S. orders over $50. We charge a $6.95 shipping fee on all U.S. orders under $50. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE shipping fee.

How quickly do orders ship?

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of parents like running out of their trusted diapers, wipes or baby lotion so don’t worry! We will process and ship your order within 1-3 business days. Our delivery trucks are much faster than storks, so you can expect your special delivery to arrive within 3–7 business days. Want to keep tabs on your order? We thought you might, so you’ll receive a shipping confirmation once your order has left the building!

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer expedited shipping.  However, we will always do our best to ship your product as soon as we can!

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Bambo Nature products are shipped via FedEx which unfortunately does not deliver to Post Office Boxes.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Not at this time, but we want everyone to experience our great products so we are working on it!

Do you ship to other U.S. territories?

Not at this time, but we are working on it!

Do you ship to other countries?

At this time, Bambo Nature USA ships within the U.S and Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Eastern Provinces).

If you live outside the U.S., and are interested in purchasing Bambo Nature products, please visit www.bambonature.com and select your country in the upper right hand side of the screen to view availability. 

Can I track my order?

Yes! Once your order has shipped, we will send you an email that includes tracking information.  

What should I do if my order was marked delivered but I never received it?

Call our customer service department at 844-223-6248 and report the missing shipment as soon as possible. After 7 business days of the order being marked delivered, we will be unable to process a claim with the carrier and that may result in us being unable to replace the product for you or issue a refund. 

Are Bambo Nature products available in stores?

Yes! Bambo Nature products are sold in various boutique stores throughout the country. You can use the Store Locator to help locate a retailer near you. We are expanding every day, but if you are having trouble, please shop our online store for delivery straight to your door.

Is there a limit to how many cases of diapers I can buy?

Yes, the limit is 10 cases or 5 bundle cases per household.


What is your return policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We accept returns up to 90 days from date of shipment on items that are in new and unused condition. If the item was purchased by the case, the return of unopened bags is allowed.

All FedEx claims for undelivered packages need to be made within one week after the reported delivery.

If you live within the continental U.S., we offer free return shipping, however, we charge a $9.95 restocking fee for all items. 

If you wish to return a product, please contact our customer service team at 844-223-6248 or via our Contact Us page to obtain a return authorization and receive further instructions. Please note, you will need a receipt or proof of purchase to complete a return. 

Bambo Nature USA reserves the right to limit or prohibit orders that, in our sole judgment, appear to be fraudulent and/or are placed for resale. We may refuse service to any customer that engages in any conduct or activity that we determine, in our sole discretion, violates our Terms of Use, our rights, or the rights of any third party.

Please note that eGift cards are not eligible for return.

How long will my return take?

You will receive an email from our customer service team notifying you when we have received your returned item. Credit will automatically be applied to your original method of payment within 5 business days. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our customer service team at 844-223-6248 or via our Contact Us page.

Subscribe & Save

How does Subscribe and Save work?

It’s easy!

1. Visit the shop page and select an eligible Bambo Nature baby product
2. Check the box next to “subscribe and save”
3. Select the product size and how many you’ll need
4. Choose whether you want shipments every 7, 14 or 30 days, and then add to your cart and create an account

You can add additional products to your regular shipment through your account page, under “subscriptions,” or to start another order to a different address or on a different card, restart this process.

You’ll receive your first shipment 5–7 days after processing, or you can change the date of your first delivery while checking out, or in your account. We’ll automatically bill your card and send out your shipments at your selected frequency. 

You can always visit your account to modify, skip or cancel your subscription.

How do I check the status of my Subscribe and Save account?

Log in to your account and select “Manage Subscriptions,” then “delivery schedule.” There you will find the date of your next shipment and expected delivery date.

How do I update the product size, quantity, frequency and the ship date?

Log in to your account and select “Manage Subscriptions,” “Subscriptions,” then “edit” next to the product. There you will see options to update all your preferences

How do I add a new product to my subscription?

Log in to your account and select “Manage Subscriptions,” “Subscriptions”, then click the “ADD PRODUCT” button below your subscription’s product information. When you add a new product to your subscribe and save subscription you’ll still receive 10% off!

I’m pregnant, can I set up Subscribe and Save to start at a later date?

Congratulations! Yes. We’re working on adding that option to the order process. For now, order regularly, then log in to your account and select “Manage Subscriptions,” then “edit” next to the product. There you will see the option to change the next shipment date.

If I forget to make a critical update ahead of my next shipment, like diaper size, can I return them?

If your products have not shipped yet, call us at 844-223-6248, as soon as possible, weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. PST. If they have shipped, we will send you a free return shipping label and cover the costs! We just charge a $9.95 restocking fee for all items.

I’m going on vacation, can I skip a shipment?

Yes! Log in to your account and select “Manage Subscriptions,” then “delivery schedule.” There you will see your next several scheduled deliveries with a “Skip” option at the end of each line. And don’t forget to enjoy your vacation!

How do I cancel Subscribe and Save?

If this means you’ve completed potty training, then congratulations! If you’d like to cancel your subscription for any other reason, we hope you’ll call our customer service team who would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have. We hate to see you go, but if you would like to cancel your service, simply log into your account by 11:59 PM PST the day prior to processing and select “Manage Subscriptions,” “Subscriptions,” then “Cancel” next to the product. Please select the reason you’re cancelling and leave us a note. Your feedback is appreciated!

Are you going away temporarily or not ready to start? You can skip a shipment or change the start date by logging in to your account and selecting “Manage Subscriptions,” “Subscriptions,” then “edit” next to the product. There you will see options to update all your preferences. 


How do Bambo Nature Bundles work?

Bundles give you the flexibility to mix and match exactly what you need! First, choose any 6 bags of diapers from our Dream or Overnight Collection. Then, choose 3 packs of your favorite Bambo Nature wipes. You can mix and match to build the box of your dreams to suit your family’s needs. Finally, you’ll save 15% at check out! Saving you precious time, energy, and money so that you can #parentfearlessly.


How do I reset my password?

Log in to your account and select “Forgot your password?” You’ll be prompted to fill in your email address, and then hit submit. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a link to your email that will allow you to reset. If it’s not coming though, check your spam folder!

How do I update my shipping address?

Sign into your account and click “View Addresses.” There you will have the option to edit, delete or add a new address.

How do I update my billing information?

Log in your account and select “Manage Subscriptions,” then “BILLING INFORMATION.” There, you will see the option to edit the address and card.

Getting Involved with Bambo Nature

How can I get my baby featured on your social media pages?

We would love to see photos of your #BamboBaby on our FacebookInstagram and Twitter! There are three ways to reach us: 

1. Tag us in your photo—we’re @bambonatureusa on each platform—and/or add the hashtag #BamboBaby

2. Private message us on your preferred platform

3. Visit our Become an Ambassador page and submit a form!

I’m interested in blogging for your blog—is there a program?

Yes! We are always looking for guest bloggers who share our vision. Learn more, and apply by email info@bambonatureusa.com.

Do you have an ambassador program?

Yes! Our ambassadors are an incredibly important part of spreading the word about Bambo Nature’s baby products. If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador and learning more about the program, visit our Become an Ambassador page!

I’m interested in writing a review of Bambo Nature products—who should I contact?

We’re thrilled you’re interested in reviewing Bambo Nature baby products—we hope you love them. Please email info@bambonatureusa.com and include your blog name, URL, visitor numbers and social media followers.


I’m interested in selling Bambo Nature products—who should I contact?

Thank you for your interest in selling Bambo Nature products in North America! Please email jdg@abena.com and let us know a little bit about your business in the message section, including a link to your website or social media pages. If you are interested in selling Bambo Nature products in countries outside the US or Canada, please visit www.abena.com/contact

I’m writing a news article and would like to learn more about Bambo Nature—who should I contact?

Thanks for your interest regarding including Bambo Nature in your story. Please visit our Contact Us page or email to