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Dressing Your Little One for Warmer Weather

After spending most of my adulthood in Phoenix where the temperatures range somewhere between 40 and 83 degrees in the winter, I went into full on climate shock when I arrived in NYC just a couple years ago. If I’m being honest I’m still not used to the east coast seasons and while it’s one thing to leave the house under or over dressed as an adult, it’s a whole other ballgame when you’re dressing your little ones.


As the seasons begin to change around the country, it’s easy want to quickly shed layers and soak up some extra vitamin-D, but it’s important that as parents we pay close attention to the weather report and dress our kiddos accordingly. For those of you who either experience four seasons regularly or will be traveling this year, I’ve put together my tips for keeping your baby comfortable despite the weather!


  • Always start with a dry, clean Bambo Nature diaper. There’s nothing worse than getting your little one completely bundled only to have to start the process over again because of a diaper change. When my son was younger, and even still sometimes these days, I leave getting him dressed as the last task before we walk out the door.
  • Dress your baby in a long sleeve, footed onesie to avoid letting cool air in. Since these will most likely be serving as the very bottom layer they don’t have to be the cutest, cleanest item you find in your baby’s closet. What’s most important is that they are extra comfy and easy for you to take on and off for diaper changes. I would limit too many traditional buttons and stick to snaps to make life a bit easier.
  • If it’s under 40 degrees add either pants and a sweater or a thinner fleece bunting over the onesie before putting your baby’s snowsuit on. Snowsuits have been our go to the first two years of Owen’s life. The first year we we’re able to purchase a footed one, and while we had to opt for socks and snow boots this year, both have built in mittens which is super nice and easy and limits loss while you’re out and about. Beanies and other snow hats are a must!
  • If it’s over 40 degrees we follow the same process as above except we skip the snowsuit. If it’s this warm and sunny that most likely means we’re out and about and letting our son play at the playground is nearly impossible if he’s too bundled. In this case it’s important to keep his hands warm with mittens and a hat, and to check in with him as he plays to make sure he’s comfortable.
  • We make sure to always have a blanket or a footmuff for the stroller too!

Spring & Fall

  • I consider spring and fall when temperatures are closer to the 60’s, which right now sounds super warm, but in theory it’s not quite summer. When the weather hits this temperature we drop an additional layer from what I mentioned above. Since onesies make diaper changes a bit more difficult that’s always my first layer I want to say goodbye to.
  • From here I typically dress my son in jeans or some other pant, a short sleeve t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Socks and tennis shoes are always a must at this time of year since it’s still a little too cold for exposed feet.
  • If it makes you feel better, when you’re dealing with more transitional seasons I like to keep an extra layer and hat in my diaper bag or purse. This way you still feel prepared, but don’t have to go too overboard with layers.


  • Extra warm weather for us (anything over 80) is all about staying as cool and comfortable as possible. That being said my son has very fair skin and needs to be protected as well. You can usually find my son sporting shorts, a t-shirt and a baseball hat to keep the sun off his face. We load up on extra sunscreen wherever we go and make sure to have plenty of fluids around.
  • Since warmer weather inevitably means more hydration that’s going to equal more and more diaper changes. Make life easy on yourself with slip on shorts, skirts or dresses for your baby and make sure to back extra Bambo Nature diapers along for your adventures!

Do you have any tips for keeping your baby comfortable as the seasons change?

I’d love to hear any tricks you guys have found along the way! 


This guest post is from Hailey Andresen. Hailey runs a lifestyle blog called Household Mag, where she documents her life as a mother and wife building a nest in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to the blog, she sells goods in her Household Shop and makes a podcast with her husband titled Mom and Dad Made a Podcast.


Photography by Amy Frances

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