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From our CEO

Immediately after Hurricane Harvey hit, we shipped our diapers, training pants and wipes to the hardest hit areas, but now in the aftermath of Irma and Maria, there are millions more suffering. With compromised infrastructures making it hard to ship products directly to those in need, we have decided the greatest way to make an immediate impact is to first, continue to pray for those affected and secondly, to donate 10% of all online sales proceeds to the American Red Cross.

When facing such a daunting situation, it becomes easy to think that your donation will not make a difference, but the truth is that every penny helps put fresh diapers on babies, food in the mouths of parents and helps take families one step closer to becoming whole again.

Today more than ever, I am proud to call Bambo Nature my family and I am thankful for our community of Bambolinas for helping make a difference in the lives of those around us. Please join us on this journey by either purchasing products on our website or by donating to the American Red Cross directly.

On behalf of everyone at Bambo Nature, let’s make a difference!

Kyle Sather,

Chief Executive Officer