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1. Are disposable diapers really safe for my baby?

They sure are—as long as you choose wisely. Some disposable diaper are loaded with chemical ingredients that can be harmful and irritating to your baby. That’s why it’s so important to look for a different kind of diaper: one that’s free of dangerous chemicals, perfumes, and all known allergens. Bambo Nature Diapers use safe, skin-friendly ingredients—so you can feel good that you’re ensuring the health and safety of your baby. Oh, and our natural materials are sustainably sourced, so you’re helping the planet, too. Win-win.

2. I’m starting my baby registry! What are some essential tips for putting it together? What does my newborn really need?

Organizing your registry can be super fun—who doesn’t love wielding that scanner? But it can be overwhelming, too. Check out your store’s checklist and start with big-ticket items like furniture (crib, changing table, rocker) and gear (car seat, stroller, playpen). If you’re unsure which brands to pick, ask mom friends for recommendations, look up online reviews, and head to stores with floor samples so you can actually test different models. For instance, you may find the stroller you had your eye on is too heavy for everyday use. Finally, don’t forget to include everyday essentials, such as diapers and wipes, which can add up over time. Veteran mom friends will happily gift you with these practical daily necessities.

3. Love the idea of going eco for my newborn. What should I look for in natural baby products?

Good thinking. Your baby will thank you! Environmentally-friendly companies like Bambo Nature use natural and sustainably sourced ingredients to help ensure the health and safety of your child and of the planet she’ll inherit. Read labels carefully and take a close look at brand websites to make sure products don’t include harmful chemicals, perfumes, dyes, or known allergens. Another promising sign: certifications from trusted ecological and health organizations around the world. These can signify a company’s commitment to safe, eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients.

4. I’m freaking out about my before-the-baby’s-born checklist! How do I get everything done?

Whoa, mama. Don’t stress. All your baby really needs once he arrives is a lot of love. Everything else can be bought, organized, or delegated afterwards if necessary. Speaking of which, the most important task to complete before your due date is lining up help for the first few weeks after baby’s born. That way, even if you don’t check off everything on your list, you can rely on friends and family to help with cooking, cleaning, and shopping—while you bond with your baby.

5. I want my baby as chemical-free as possible, but do eco-friendly disposable diapers really work?

Absolutely. Reliable eco-friendly diapers like Bambo Nature Diapers won’t sacrifice strength for safety. That means you can count on maximum protection from leaks. Performance-boosting features include a super absorbent three-layer design, strategic barriers, and flexible side panels that accommodate even the most active baby. Bambo Nature combines effectiveness with materials free of harmful chemicals, perfumes, and allergens. The…uh, bottom line: Our safe, eco-friendly disposable diapers get the job done—naturally.

6. I have so many baby names on my list! Any advice on choosing one, or narrowing down my choices?

Choosing a baby name can be tough: Do you go traditional or unconventional? Strongly gendered or gender neutral? Family name or no? Middle name or no? Besides a quick online search (just to make sure the proposed full name doesn’t already belong to say, an infamous historical figure), the only true test of any name is how it makes you feel. Say it out loud, write it down, drop it in conversation with your partner…the right name will feel good on your tongue and in your heart.

7. Is it safe to work out while I’m pregnant?

It’s always best to check with your doctor, but if you were active before pregnancy, you’ll likely get the ok to continue your workouts—which can help both you and baby. Research has shown that infants of women who exercised during pregnancy may reap various benefits, from healthier hearts to increased brain development. A few caveats: Avoid contact sports and activities involving balance (biking, skiing); don’t perform exercises while lying on your back after the first trimester (the weight of your growing uterus can reduce blood flow); and stop immediately if you feel dizzy or nauseous.

8. Are baby wipes safe for a newborn? What ingredients should I watch out for?

Baby wipes can certainly be safe for a newborn—but it’s important to choose the right one. Some wipes contain chemicals, perfumes, parabens, and dyes that may not be safe for newborn skin. Parabens, for instance, can mimic hormones and may disrupt development. Perfumes, often simply labeled “fragrance,” can irritate sensitive skin. Your best bet: Look for eco-friendly options like Bambo Nature Tidy Bottom Wipes that have a brief ingredient list (the shorter the better) and ingredients with vegetable origins (if you’re not sure, look up the company’s website for more detailed explanations of its products).

9. What should I pack in my “go” bag for the hospital? I want to be ready!

Kudos for thinking ahead. It’s smart to pack a bag about a month before your due date with the following: a robe, nightgown, slippers, and underwear (in case you want to ditch the hospital-issued gown, socks, and undies), going-home outfits for baby and you (don’t forget a maternity bra for your newly tender breasts), an extra bag (to tote free hospital samples, plus gifts from visitors), and any important paperwork. Also: Don’t forget to install a car seat. The hospital won’t let you drive your newborn home without it!

10. Should I babyproof before the baby’s born, or can I wait until she starts crawling?

If you’ve got the time and energy to childproof your home before baby arrives, go for it. But realistically speaking, most parents don’t get around to it until just before their little one goes mobile. What to do: Get on your hands and knees so you can see each room from your baby’s point of view, and remove or secure any hazards she can reach. That includes hanging tablecloths, electrical cords, cords from drapes and blinds, uncovered outlets, unlocked cabinets and drawers, and houseplants.

11. There are soo many diapers out there. How do I choose the best one?

It’s true, there’s a dizzying array of options. But keep in mind that disposable diapers can be made with chemicals that can be harmful and irritating to your baby. To ensure his health and safety, choose eco-friendly disposable diapers like Bambo Nature Diapers that contain no dangerous ingredients, perfumes, or known allergens. (Bonus: Diapers made with safe ingredients tend to be sustainably sourced, so you’re doing the planet a favor, too.) And of course, the diapers should also work. Bambo Nature uses super absorbent materials and flexible leg openings for leak-proof performance.

12. I keep hearing about pregnant women “nesting.” What is this??

Ah, nesting. Think of a soon-to-be mama bird fluttering here and there, picking up twigs and leaves, readying her nest for her hatchlings. “Nesting” refers to similar activities done by expectant (human) moms before the baby arrives: buying newborn supplies, organizing the nursery, and reading up on infant care. As your due date approaches, you’re probably already doing a lot of these things, so rest assured you’re nesting with the best of them.

13. I’m in my third trimester and am so uncomfortable. What can I do to feel better?

It’s definitely not easy carrying all that extra weight. Your back may be aching because your belly is pulling your spine out of alignment. For relief, apply a heating pad or a cold pack to your lower back, or alternate between the two. A gentle massage can also help. At night, if sleep is fleeting, try a maternity pillow or strategic placement of several regular pillows (don’t forget to put one between your knees). Some women also find it more comfortable to sleep in a recliner towards the end of their pregnancies.

14. I think I have pregnancy brain. Is that a real thing?

It’s definitely possible. Anecdotal evidence suggests that moms-to-be feel forgetful and spacey. Research hasn’t shown proof of cognitive deficiencies during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you’re making up your “momnesia.” You’re probably busy, stressed, and short on sleep—a combo that can add up to lack of concentration and short-term memory loss for anyone. And there’s some evidence that pregnant women’s brains are changing, although not necessarily in ways that would lead to forgetfulness. A recent study found that pregnancy alters areas in the brain that relate to empathy—which may help new moms better understand their babies’ wants and needs.


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