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For skin as soft <br>as well...a baby's!

For skin as soft
as well...a baby's!

Eco-Friendly Baby Skincare

  • Bambo's Bath Buddy and Snuggle Time Lotion are the best choices for my baby's sensitive skin. I love that there are no dyes or perfumes to mask the natural scent of my newborn. Since they're made with natural ingredients, I don't have to worry about harsh effects on my baby's skin.
  • I'm using the Bambo Nature Splish Splash bath oil, Bath Buddy wash and lotion on my 3 year old son that has eczema. I love that these products are fragrance, dye and paraben free. Also organic! This is necessary when dealing with sensitive skin. I'm a happy momma. Thanks Bambo!
  • I received the Bambo Nature Love Balm as a gift for my baby, who is due in June. When I ran out of my hand lotion, I couldn't resist the temptation of trying out the Love Balm. My hands were SO soft and it has literally no smell. Sorry baby boy, you're going to have to share with Mommy!