Traveling with a young one is difficult, but Kimberly truly enjoys bringing Sawyer along.

Traveling with Little Ones

Summer is always super packed with travel plans. Awesome? Definitely. But when you have a baby or toddler in tow traveling itself becomes the real adventure. Bambo baby mom, Kimberly Hildebrand, knows a little something about that with 37 flights already under her 2 year old’s belt


Traveling with a young one is difficult, but Kimberly truly enjoys bringing Sawyer along. She believes “it begins to get [babies] exposed to experiencing new environments, changes in their normal routines in a non stressful way, and allows them to bond with their parents outside of the normal comfort zone,” and we couldn’t agree more! And as they get older? She says it “allows them to see the world, gain exposure and experiences with different people, cultures, and places, and from the earliest age possible, begin to learn how to be accepting, understanding, and welcoming to people, places and traditions that are different from our own.” When you look at it that way, the potential hassles of traveling with your little one seem pretty small!



So how does she do it? What are Kimberly’s best tips and tricks for surviving plane rides with beautiful little 2-year-old Sawyer? First things first, her diaper bag essentials!

  • Pacifier for soothing ears during flight– or some other type of soother that your baby likes to suck on to relieve the pressure in her ears
  • Snacks on snacks on snacks! If your baby/toddler is eating, finger foods are a lifesaver
  • Her favorite comfort toys – remember, the smaller and most important ones will save you space and sanity. If you’re comfortable allowing your little one to have screen time, remember that iPad!
  • Light muslin blanket, even in the summer time. You know how cold those airports and airplanes can get sometimes! Plus, who doesn’t like to cuddle up with a blanket while snoozing on a plane?
  • Bambo Nature diapers, of course! They’re light and thin, so they’re easy to pack. Being super absorbent allows you to stay in your seat longer with fewer needs for diaper changes and the breathability allows your most precious cargo to remain comfy and dry


Kimberly’s biggest challenges when traveling usually involve managing her time and sticking to some sort of routine. She recommends cutting your list of “needed” items in half – the chances you will really need ALL of them are slim and you’ll save your sanity (and back) by keeping track of and lugging around fewer items. Definitely try to stick to some resemblance of your normal routine – attempt meal times and nap times as planned, but stay easy going and flexible if they want to sleep more or eat a little differently than they would at home. Hey, they’re on vacation, too, right?!



We wanted to know what the biggest difference is that Kimberly has noticed in Bambo Nature diapers, compared with other brands, while traveling, especially to somewhere hot (they just got back from Mexico!) and here’s what she had to say, “Not only do they absorb more, I've never experienced a leak, or wetness to [her clothes] when they are full the way I have with other diapers when they become saturated. I love the fit, the feel and the softness of them. They are the right amount of stretchy while still fitting snug against her body and allowing her to move freely.” Those are definitely pluses for everyday use, nobody likes a blow out or for their adorable outfit to be ruined by a leak when you’re sitting on a plane for 4+ hours. Invaluable if you ask us! One more bonus to traveling with Bambo Nature diapers? “They are also much thinner than any other diaper I've used which makes traveling with them not only easy but convenient. We were able to bring an entire package for our week trip to Mexico and it not only took up very little room but, because they absorb so much more and in turn last longer, we go through less diapers.”



To read all of Kimberly’s tips on traveling with little ones, check out her blog


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