Is your little one on the potty train?

Potty training: such a necessary evil. You’re excited and anxious to teach your little one independence and get away from diaper changes, but with potty training comes accidents, enormous amounts of bathroom visits, and lots and lots of patience. But have no fear! We are here, along with our lovely ambassador, Eryka from Busy Little Izzy, to offer you some tips and tricks and hopefully save some of your sanity.

So how do you know when your kiddo is ready to step up to the porcelain throne? A good rule of thumb is to wait until they start exhibiting signs that they are ready, rather than you trying to speed up the process. They may start showing interest in your bathroom activities, getting fussy at diaper changes, taking their diapers off, and asking questions if they’re vocal.

Rewarding potty training with some sort of special treat is a great idea! Try a fun sticker chart, a trip to the park, or playing their favorite game. Be sure you are not offering a bribe, only reward the child once they have done their business. You may want to start out by rewarding your child when they ask to use the potty and transition to only rewarding them once they have actually gone pee or poop. This way you prevent your child running to the potty every 5 minutes looking for a reward.

We asked Eryka some questions about potty training her sweet toddler, Isabella. From one potty training parent to another, this is the advice she had to offer.

How old was Isabella when she began potty training? How did you know she was ready?

Isabella was 18 months old. She was pulling at her diaper and really was not a fan of diaper changes. Izzy can also hold her pee for over 1-2 hours and the doctor said this was also a sign she was ready to start.

What is the funniest story you have of your potty training experience thus far?

Isabella's first poop on the potty was so big when I sent the "potty proof" picture to my family members they all thought my husband must have done it.

What is your biggest challenge with potty training?

Isabella is still immature being that she isn’t 2 yet. She understands the potty and what it's for, but doesn't always catch herself and in time just yet.

Top tips and tricks you think apply across the board with potty training?

  1. Start off with a week or two of books and movies about going potty.
  2. Introduce the mini potty into the bathrooms before asking your child to start sitting on it so they are familiar with it and not afraid.
  3. Keep the mini potty (if you choose to use one) in the bathroom so the association of going potty is with a bathroom.
  4. Keep your Bambo Nature training pants in the bathroom in case they need a new pair. You should handle all potty issues in the bathroom.
  5. Give praise and treats when there is peepee and poopoo in the potty!

How do you handle accidents?

I take her straight to the potty and sit her down and say, we put our peepee in the potty. I keep a calm voice at all times.

When did you know was the right time to make the switch from diapers to training pants?

We still use diapers for car rides and night time, but she pulls her diaper down so I figured let's do training pants so she can easily have independence when working on using the potty.

Ready to take the plunge and try potty training your tot? Bambo Nature Training Pants are made with the same materials and ingredients found in our diapers that you’ve come to know and trust. Breathable and free from chlorine, dyes, perfumes, and lotions, Bambo Nature Training Pants are a helpful addition to potty training your kiddo. Latex free, easy to pull up and down, and a side seam that can be opened when accidents happen…because they will happen, Bambo Nature is here for you every step of the way.  

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