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Great Diaper. We love them!!! This are by far the best diapers ever!!! They are not just great absorbing but also they don't have that horrible chemical smell most diapers have.


LOVE these diapers!! Went through many brands until we stuck with these. They easily hold up over night, 12 hours or more, and we had less blow outs than with any other kind of diaper. They're not cheap, but completely worth it!


I'm no diaper expert but after reading reviews and trying 4 different brands of diapers, I'm confident to say these are the best. First off the can hold a ton of pee - while others got damp, leaked, etc. This means fewer diapers used each day. We also are happy that in four months using these, we've had no diaper rash... Even though we're not aggressive about changing diapers. Being green really makes for a happy baby.


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